Booking Terms & Conditions

The services on this site are made available for booking by Limited (company number 272474, registered office at First Floor, Block 6/7, Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, VAT number 8272474N) trading as (referred to as “ebookers” “us” or “we” in these Terms and Conditions). These Terms and Conditions will form part of a contract for reservation services between you and ebookers which will come into force as soon as ebookers sends written confirmation of a booking to you by email.

All travel services will be provided by the relevant travel service provider (“Supplier”) subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions which will be communicated to you prior to booking. Please read the Supplier’s terms and conditions carefully prior to deciding whether to book your travel service.


1.1 Changes and cancellations – by you

a) You must call us on +353 (0)1 4311 311 to change or cancel your trip. All changes are subject to availability, limitations and restrictions of the relevant Supplier.

b) The refundable portion of your purchase price (if any) will be refunded to you and to the extent we are refunded by the Supplier, we shall pass this refund onto you.

c) If you want to cancel or change your booking the payment card fee charged at the time of booking and any booking fees will not be refundable.

d) If the cancellation means that the Supplier charges a cancellation charge (which in some cases can be 100% of the booking value) or if the change means that the cost of your booking has increased (if, for example, you wish to upgrade to a more expensive hotel), you will need to pay such extra charges or costs in addition to ebookers' charges set out below.

e) If you wish to change or cancel any part of your booking, an ebookers administration fee will apply.

Please see the table below for specific ebookers fees applicable to your bookings:

Travel Service

Change Fee

Cancellation Fee





€25 per passenger

€25 per passenger

Low Cost Flight

Nil. Please contact airline directly for Supplier fees.

Nil. Please contact airline directly for Supplier fees

Car hire

€25 per booking

€25 per booking


N/A (non-changeable)

€25 per booking

Packages with Low Cost Flight

N/A (non-changeable)

N/A (non-refundable)

Attractions and Services

N/A (non-changeable)

N/A (non-refundable)


N/A (non-changeable)

Nil. Please note section 1.5

1.2 Cancellations on hotel bookings

Your chosen hotel will typically have its own cancellation policy which we will display to you on the trip details page before you book. Please read hotel cancellation policy carefully. If there is a cancellation fee payable, it will apply a 'per room' and not 'per booking' cancellation fee. We will pass on to you any such policies or charges that the hotel has imposed in relation to cancellation.

1.3 Cancellations and amendments on low cost flights

The cancellation and amendment terms of low cost flights are the applicable terms of the airline. You should contact the airline direct to cancel or make amendments to low cost flights. Usually fares for low cost flights are non-refundable. In the event that you decide to cancel your low cost flight, our booking fee and any amendment charges are non-refundable. If the reason for your cancellation is covered by the terms of any insurance policy you have purchased, you may be able to reclaim any applicable non-refunded fares or cancellation charges from the insurers.

1.4 Cancellation and amendments on car rental

Please refer to the applicable Supplier’s terms and conditions for cancellation charges and other important terms and conditions relevant to your booking.

1.5 Cancelling your insurance policy

All insurance premiums are payable in full at the point of sale and are sold incorporating a 14 day cooling off period after which time some policies may be non-refundable. The 14 day cooling off period only applies if you have not travelled or made any claim under the insurance policy. It is your responsibility to check the specific terms of the insurance policy at the time of purchase.

1.6 No show

If you have a booking for any of our products or services, including flights, car hire, accommodation and packages, but you do not show up to check-in, collect the car or otherwise do not avail yourself of such product or service, you will not be entitled to any refund from us. You will, however, be entitled to a refund of any departure tax you may have paid for your flight (excluding low cost flights). To process a refund for any departure tax, we will charge an administration fee of €25 per passenger.

1.7 Changes and cancellations – by us or the Supplier

a) Occasionally we may have to make changes to your booking. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you of the change as soon as we are able to before your journey commences. If there is a significant change, which is not due to an event beyond our control, you will be offered a choice of an alternative comparable trip (if available) or a refund. If the reason for the significant change to the booking is due to an event beyond our control (as described below) we will not be liable to offer you any compensation. “Significant changes” are normally regarded as:-

i) A change in your Irish departure airport;

ii) A change in your non-Irish departure airport (excluding changes between different airports within the same city);

iii) A change of more than 12 hours in your departure time;

iv) A change in your resort area overseas; or

v) A change of accommodation to a lower classification than that which you have booked

b) Should your flight be cancelled, your rights and remedies will be governed by the airline's conditions of carriage. As a result you may be entitled to: (i) carriage on another flight with the same airline without additional costs; (ii) re-routing to your destination with another carrier without additional costs; (iii) receiving a full refund; or (iv) some other right or remedy.

c) In case of an obvious error (including any error in electronic labelling, error in data entry, error of calculation or clerical error) resulting in the display of a price which has obviously been displayed by mistake, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, even if it was automatically confirmed by ebookers. You will be informed of this as soon as possible, to allow you to make a reservation at the correct price, if you wish to. In any case, you will not be entitled to claim compensation from ebookers on the grounds of the cancellation or the related costs, if any, that have been incurred due to an erroneous reservation which has been cancelled

d) We reserve the right to cancel your booking in the event we have reasonable grounds to believe it is fraudulent. In such circumstances we may cancel your booking with no liability whatsoever. In the event that your booking is cancelled, a full refund will be made of all monies previously paid to us to the person/s who originally paid for the booking.

1.8 Events beyond our control

These include: unusual, unforeseeable or unavoidable events beyond our control, the consequences of which could not be avoided even if all due care has been exercised including but not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil disobedience or strife, government action, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, level of water in rivers or floods, closure of airports and may also include industrial dispute involving third parties, technical or maintenance problems or unforeseen operational decisions of air carriers such as changes of schedule or any failure in the information technology infrastructure (including but not limited to our website) or failure in internet connections. Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions we regret that we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by reason of such events beyond our control.


2.1 e-tickets and flight segments

a) Some airlines offer only electronic confirmation of your reservation, or 'e-ticketing', on certain routes. We cannot be held responsible if your e-ticket does not arrive due to an incorrect email address or your junk email settings. You can ensure your e-tickets get to you by adding to your ‘safe list’. You must notify us immediately if you change your email address or contact telephone number after making a booking with ebookers. In addition, please check that the name on your passport matches the name on your ticket and/or booking confirmation. It is your responsibility to advise us if you have not received your e-ticket confirmation.

b) Tickets must be used in order of sequence for each segment of the flight(s). This means that outbound flights must be used before return flights, and flights to any stop-over must be used before flights from a stop-over to your destination. If you do not travel a segment of your flight, the reservation systems may automatically cancel the remainder of your entire ticket(s) and you will not be entitled to a refund of the airfare.

2.2 Low cost flights

a) Low cost flights are identified on our site by the logo or the words “Low Cost” shown for relevant flights prior to flight selection.

b) If you book a low cost flight with us, we will make the booking on your behalf and your contract for your low cost flight will be additionally subject to the airline’s booking terms and conditions as well as their conditions of carriage. You will receive two booking confirmations by email, one from the airline and one from ebookers. The reference received from the airline is required for check in.

c) It is your responsibility to ensure that all details of the booking are correct before proceeding. For any changes or cancellations, please contact the airline directly, quoting your reference.

d) Some low cost airlines require their passengers to check in online and to print their boarding passes in advance. Additional fees may be charged if the airline has to print the boarding pass for such passengers at the airport.

e) Our booking fee for low cost flights will be debited from you at the time of booking. We shall dispatch a confirmation invoice to you which shall confirm your booking with the airline and the airline will debit payment from you for the fare and taxes.

f) Additionally we must inform you that most low cost airlines charge a payment card fee, which will be notified to you immediately prior to purchase. All charges, including the payment card fees, may be in another currency (e.g. GBP), which we will provide an estimate for in Euro. The actual amount charged may vary due to differing exchange rates. Low cost airlines may also charge additional fees for checked baggage and for in-flight food and drink. Full details are available when making your reservation by clicking on the checked baggage and in-flight food and drink link.

2.3 Flying times

a) In your itinerary from ebookers, flight times are given for guidance only. All departure/arrival times on your flight ticket are provided by the airlines concerned and are estimates only. They may change due to air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, operational/maintenance requirements and the requirement for passengers to check in on time.

b) Unless your flight is purchased as part of a package, we are not liable if there is any change to a departure/arrival time previously given to you or shown on your ticket or for any other alteration to your flight by the relevant airline. For all air travel it is your responsibility to check the departure and arrival times of your flights prior to the time of travel.

c) We are unable to make any special arrangements for you if you are delayed as these matters are at the sole discretion of the airline concerned. Please note that the times shown on your ticket or itinerary are the departure times of the flight. Check-in times, as advised by the carrier or in the airlines’ timetable are the latest times at which passengers can be accepted for travel, allowing the necessary time to complete all formalities. Flights cannot be held up for passengers arriving late and no responsibility can be accepted by us or the airline in such cases.

2.4 Seat requests

We have no control over the airlines’ allocation of seats and so, if you have particular seat requests, you should check-in at the airport as early as possible. We cannot guarantee that these requests will be met.

2.5 Direct flights

Please note that a flight described on your flight ticket as "direct" will not necessarily be non-stop. A flight that is described as direct is one where there is no need to change aircraft during the journey.

2.6 Pregnancy and children

Some airlines refuse to carry women who will be 28 weeks or more pregnant on the date of return travel. Please check with the airline concerned as their rules may vary and also consult your doctor. Infants must be 6 weeks old or more to travel by air and must either sit on an adult's lap or occupy an infant seat. Please contact the airline you are travelling with for details of appropriate seats. Generally children aged 2 years or more must occupy a seat. Some airlines may require one adult travelling per every under 2 year old, please contact your airline for more information. A child must be under 2 years of age on the date of their return flight to be entitled to the infant fare level which is usually 10% of the International Air Transport Association’s (or IATA's) published fare.

2.7 Government imposed taxes, fees and charges

The price of your flight may include taxes, fees and charges which are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. They may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel and are either included in the fare or shown separately on your ticket. You may also be required to pay taxes or fees or other charges not already collected, for example, it is not always possible to include all departure taxes on your ticket(s). In some cases departure taxes must be paid by you locally to the Government of the country you are departing from and are therefore non-refundable by us.

2.8 Travel Agent Licence

Please note that this section does not apply to low cost flights.

We provide you with security for the monies that you pay for your package and for your repatriation in the event of our insolvency, except when tickets for scheduled flights are sent to you within 24 hours of payment being accepted or in relation to low costs flights. We are licensed and bonded in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) and hold a Travel Agents licence (number 0507). For further information, visit the CAR website at

2.9 Community list

In accordance with European regulations we are required to bring to your attention the existence of a 'Community list', which contains details of air carriers that are subject to an operating ban within the European Community. The Community list is available for inspection at We reserve the right to change your airline in the event that the airline is blacklisted under the EU regulations. Any changes to the actual airline after you have received your tickets will be notified to you as soon as possible and in all cases at check-in or at the boarding gate.

2.10 Baggage

You will usually be permitted a free checked baggage allowance and a free cabin baggage allowance, the limits of which may differ by airline, class and/or route. The amount of checked baggage you are allowed depends on your class of travel/destination. Several leading carriers have now introduced additional charges for checked baggage on either a piece or weight basis. Full details of each carrier’s baggage policy and any applicable fees can be found by following the link: What should I know about check in baggage? It is recommended that cabin baggage is kept to a minimum. Extra charges may apply for checked baggage in excess of the permitted allowance. Please ask the airline for more specific information as these rules vary from time to time. You can refer to for information and links. For safety reasons dangerous articles must not be packed in checked or cabin baggage. Restricted articles include, but are not limited to, compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidising materials, poisons, infectious substances and briefcases with installed alarm devices.

2.11 Denied boarding, cancellation or flight delays

Under European law you have rights in some circumstances to refunds and/or compensation from your airline in cases of denied boarding, cancellation or delay to flights. Full details of these rights will be publicised at European airports and will also be available from airlines. However reimbursement in such cases is the responsibility of the airline. If your airline does not comply with these rules you should complain to

2.12 IATA terms and conditions

We are also members of IATA and all flights booking on the website are subject to IATA terms and condition which are incorporated by reference. IATA’s E-ticketing Notices which set out the liability of air carriers and define the passenger rights and obligations with regard to denied boarding, baggage, check-in times and the transport of dangerous goods, can be found here

2.13 Additional Charges

Airlines may also charge additional fees for in-flight food or drink.


3.1 Additional taxes and local charges

a) Certain of our hotels will require an additional charge to be paid locally (e.g. a resort fee) at the time of check in or check out. Please note this amount is in addition to the amount shown during the booking process under the 'total booking cost' amount. If applicable, such amount will be estimated on the trip details page in the 'pricing summary section.

b) Please also note that there may be taxes levied abroad but not paid at the point of purchase that are payable in relation to your hotel booking e.g. local taxes, sales tax etc. Any local taxes will be payable by you directly to the hotel at the time of check-in/checkout.

3.2 Unavailability

Where we are unable to confirm the initial requested accommodation, we will contact you to inform you of the details of alternative accommodation or lack of availability. At that time you will have the option to accept the alternative accommodation or get a refund of the total monies paid to us by you for your original booking.

3.3 Merchant/Retail hotels

We sell hotel reservations in two different ways:-

i) merchant hotel reservations where we take payment directly from you at the time of booking confirmation; and
ii) retail hotel reservations where your hotel bill will be payable upon check-in/check-out directly to the hotel. You will be advised of all such amounts during the booking process.

3.4 Star ratings

Star ratings are used to symbolise the overall quality, level of service, food standard and range of facilities available in any given hotel property. The criteria applied within each country will vary depending on the specific requirements established by the relevant issuing body and are provided to you for information purposes only and are subject to change. They are not a guarantee or warranty of any kind by ebookers.

3.5 Age and marriage restrictions

Hotels generally require at least one adult (min. 18 years old) in each room which has been booked. In certain destinations the legal minimal age to stay in a hotel might be higher, such as in Las Vegas where you must be 21 years old. In certain countries, some local laws or customs may not allow a non-married couple to share the same hotel room.

3.6 Hotel facilities

Please note that the hotels booked by us for you are not exclusive to ebookers. We are not responsible for any limitation in facilities because of other hotel guests or their activities. ebookers does not take responsibility for hotel content (including images, facility listings, etc.) displayed on our website. Hotels may change facilities and property features without prior notice to ebookers and it is the customers’ responsibility to confirm facilities directly with the hotel at the time of travel.

3.7 Map/Distance disclaimer

Please note that the information as to the distance from the city centre and the location of the hotel on the maps provided is for indicative purposes only. If a customer requires the hotel to be within a certain distance from the city centre or near a particular location, the customer should contact the hotel in question prior to booking.


4.1 Rate availability

All rental car rates are valid for Irish residents only. If you are not an Irish resident please call us for further information on + 353 (0)1 4311 311.

4.2 Age Restrictions

a) All Suppliers have a minimum age to be able to rent without incurring any extra charges, this is normally 25 years and above. Drivers between the ages of 21-24 years where it is permitted by a Supplier to rent a vehicle, will always incur an extra surcharge which is payable locally, is subject to tax and is non-refundable. These fees can range from 10.00 euros a day in Europe and from US$25.00 to US$50.00 US in the United States. A minimum number of years since obtaining the driving license can be imposed by suppliers. Once you have selected your car please read the car rental rules where you will be able to find the amount payable.

b) There are very few locations, which have an upper age limit. These can vary from the age of 60 years upwards. If you are over the age of 60 years it is your responsibility to check with the Supplier for eligibility. If you fail to check and you are over the age limit you may not be given the car.

4.3 Documentation on pick-up

a) In addition to presenting your booking confirmation, you will be required to present a valid driving licence and credit card (or 2 credit cards as per 4.4(b) at the rental location prior the pick-up. If you have a British photo id licence you must take the paper counterpart as well. If you do not present both the card and the counterpart you may not get the vehicle. Please note that From 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the UK photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA. The counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard. Full details of what this means for you as a driver and renter of a vehicle can be found via the following link - In some circumstances, such as if your licence is written in Chinese, Russian or any ‘picture’ script then you may need to present an international driver’s license.

b) Some Suppliers may also ask you to show additional identification such as passport and proof of address such as a bank statement or utilities bill that is less than 3 months’ old. Reference to this information will be disclosed in the Suppliers terms and conditions.

4.4 Rental Deposit

a) Rental deposits must be provided at the rental location and the payment card used must be in the driver’s name. Please note that amounts allocated for the rental deposit cannot be used during the rental period. Some rental agencies may only accept credit cards for securing a deposit. .

b) When renting certain “special” car categories such as cabriolets, luxury cars and mini-vans, the driver may need to present two payment cards in his/her name for securing the deposit. Please read the Supplier’s terms and conditions for information specific to your reservation.

4.5 Insurance and Excess Waiver

Although our rates are fully inclusive there is always an excess to pay. This means in the event of accident/damage or theft, the driver will be expected to pay the first part of the claim. This can vary depending on the car you hire and the destination you are travelling to. Provided you are eligible, we would encourage you to purchase an excess waiver policy to cover this liability.

4.6 Pick-up and return times

a) In case of late arrival, you must contact the car rental company. If your journey to the pick-up location is cancelled or delayed, we cannot guarantee the car reservation. The car rental company may charge an additional fee for late pickup and / or may not have the same category of car available.

b) The rental rate is calculated based on the return time agreed when picking up the vehicle. If the vehicle is returned earlier than originally planned, you will not receive any refund. If the vehicle is kept longer than originally planned, you may be liable for an overcharge.

4.7 Vehicle classes

Suppliers will not guarantee a specific car model. The image on the website appears only as an example of a car in the same category or vehicle class. Specific models will be subject to availability at the time of pick-up.

4.8 Rental Agreement

A rental agreement will be given to you to sign when you pick up your vehicle. It is your responsibility to check this document carefully before you sign it and keep a copy.

4.9 Child Safety Seats

Local law may require children to be restrained in a suitable seat and in the rear of the vehicle. The law will generally state that it is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to comply.

4.10 Extras and charges

a) For car hire any optional extras e.g. child seats or additional insurances are only payable locally and will be subject to VAT or local Goods and Services taxes. A full list of exclusions which are payable locally or are not included in the rate displayed is available when making your reservation by clicking on the more car details link.

b) There may be additional fees payable to the supplier when returning the vehicle to a city other than the city where the vehicle was collected, along with local taxes that are charged by the rental agency at “pick-up”.


5.1 Package bookings

Where you book a package with us, your booking will be covered by the provisions of the Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act 1995 in addition to these Terms and Conditions. A ”package” is a pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following: (a) transport (b) accommodation or (c) another tourist service forming a significant part of your booking where those two or more components are sold to you as a whole at the same time by us at an inclusive price. Each travel service forming the package (e.g. Hotel, Flight or Car Rental) is subject to the relevant sections in these Terms and Conditions for that travel service.


6.1 Booking confirmation

If you book a touristic service such as a ticket to an event, tourist attraction or airport transfer a travel destination, at the “Customize Trip” booking stage (“Destination Service”), we will send you a confirmation email containing a voucher redeemable from the relevant Supplier. Your voucher is valid for redemption only by the person named on a voucher and for the dates indicated. The person named on the voucher may be required to present a government-issued photo ID to the Supplier prior to redemption.

6.2 Supplier Rules and Terms and Conditions

A Destination Service may not be appropriate for all ages or for individuals with certain medical conditions. It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of a Destination Service prior to booking. Destination Services are subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the Supplier which will be communicated to you prior to purchase. Usage of a Destination Service may also be subject to codes, rules or regulations (collectively, “Rules") established by the Supplier which will also be communicated to you prior to purchase. Failure to comply with such Rules or Terms and Conditions may result in the Supplier refusing to provide the Destination Service.

6.3 Refunds, cancellations, exchanges

The issuance of a voucher is final. There are no refunds, credits, exchanges, or cancellations of a Destination Service once your booking has been confirmed.

6.4 Availability

Destination Service availability may change after a voucher is issued. Where ebookers is informed in advance of a significant change to the availability of an Attraction, ebookers will notify you of this.


7.1 Payments

When you use our website to make a booking, you will need to provide us with payment details in order to cover the full cost of your trip. We may also charge you payment fees to cover payment processing charges incurred by us in respect of that means of payment which will be highlighted to you during the course of making your booking. You may have multiple charges for the travel service, totalling the amount quoted for your booking. You authorise us or an authorised third party to take full payment for the total amount of your purchase. Please note that you may be required to present your payment card at the time of check-in, rental or pick-up to provide confirmation of authorised card use or to secure any additional charges.

7.2 Price

The price of each product or service is regularly reviewed and may go up or down. Promotional or discounted offers on this site are provided at our discretion. All offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. Booking fees may be payable in addition which will be communicated to you during the course of making your booking.

7.3 Bookings for others

When you make a booking, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept, and do accept these conditions on your behalf and on behalf of all members of your party and, further, if you are making a booking for more than one person, that you are responsible for all payments due from each and every party member for whom you are making a booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which is given to you by us or any of our employees or Suppliers is passed onto all members of your party. Any information which we give to you shall be deemed as given to each and every party member for whom you are making or have made a booking.

7.4 Booking confirmations and tickets

You should ensure that you travel with your booking confirmations, e-tickets and any other travel documentation (including your passport and relevant visa, including any visas required during transit) at all times. We will not be liable should any Supplier not provide you with the booked product or service if you do not produce such documentation.

7.5 Special assistance

If you are disabled or incapacitated or of limited mobility or require special assistance for any reason, we require that you notify us at the time of making your booking. If these requirements change before your trip you must inform us. We will not subsequently be liable to you for any losses you may incur in the event that we or our Suppliers are unable to accommodate your requirements.

7.6 Special requests

Please advise us of any special requests and we will pass these on to the relevant Supplier. However, we cannot guarantee your special request as we do not have any direct control over the manner in which the services are provided.

7.7 Pre-travel advice

The Department of Foreign Affairs may have issued information about your holiday destination. You are advised to check whether or not such information has been issued on the Internet at prior to travelling. For IATA travel advice regarding matters such as customs, currency and airport information, please see

7.8 Passport, visa and health information/requirements

a) The information in this section is valid for Republic of Ireland citizens only. Non-Republic of Ireland citizens should consult the Embassy of their destination country and the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service regarding any special documentation for the countries they are visiting or for return to the Republic of Ireland. It is your responsibility to check with the applicable Embassy or Consulate to see whether the destination(s) that you are visiting requires a visa, especially if you do not hold a passport marked "Irish Citizen". If you fail to do so, you will be solely responsible for any cost, loss or damage which you or we incur as a result of your failure.

b) It is also important to remember to include all transit points of your journey, which may also require you to obtain a visa. Please note that many countries require that your passport is valid for six months beyond the period of your stay. Some countries apply different rules and you should contact the Embassy or Consulate of your destination for relevant current information.

c) It is vital that you ensure that your passport is legible and intact, any sign of damage could result in a refusal of carriage or entry into your country of destination. If you hold an Irish passport and require information in respect of the validity of your passport, procedure and time required to apply for a passport or renew an existing passport, the regulations in respect of minors, or if your passport has been lost or stolen, you can contact the Irish Passport Office help line on +353 (0)1 671 1633 or visit their website by using the following link:

d) It is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate visa for your destination(s) and any applicable transit point. If you require information in respect of current visa requirements, procedure and time required to apply for the applicable visa, you should contact the Embassy of the country you plan to visit. For a list of contact details for embassies please log onto Please note that specific requirements for specific countries can be complex and subject to change at short notice.

e) Children not already included on a valid Irish passport will need to hold their own passport if they are to travel abroad. Children who were included on a passport before 5 October 1998 may continue to travel with the passport holder until: the child reaches the age of 16 years; or the passport on which the child is included expires; or the passport on which the child is included is replaced or an amendment results in the issue of a new passport.

f) The name on the passport must match the name on the ticket, otherwise you may not be able to travel and insurance may be invalid. If, after booking a holiday but before travelling, any member of your party changes their name, e.g. as a result of getting married, we must be notified immediately so that we can endeavour to make the necessary changes to your holiday documentation.

g) If you are travelling to or via the United States and if you come from a country that is part of the Visa Exemption Programme, from 12 January 2009 the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) replaces the form that has until now been completed on the plane.

h) If you travel to the USA from 12 January 2009, it is essential that you complete and print the ESTA form before you travel in order to receive travel authorization.

i) You must take this travel authorization with you when you travel. If you do not have this document or if it is invalid, the airline may refuse to allow you to board the aircraft.

j) The form must be filled out at the latest 72 hours prior to departure, but it is recommended that you complete it as soon as you plan your journey.

k) This procedure applies to adults and children (whatever their age). The information requested includes passport number and country of residence.

l) In most cases, electronic travel authorization is granted online almost immediately by specifying "authorization approved". It is valid for a period of two years or until expiry of the passport.

m) You should seek advice on any vaccinations and precautions that may be compulsory or recommended from a health professional – a GP, practice nurse, pharmacist or travel health clinic – ideally at least 8 weeks before you travel. Further travel advice can be found on

7.9 Insurance cover

a) If you have provided your date of birth as a part of requirements pertaining to your booking, you agree that we may use this information for the limited purpose of validating that we have provided you with the correct insurance policy. If you have purchased a travel insurance product from us, your purchase will be subject to the Insurance terms and conditions which are accessible from the 'Agree and Purchase' page which are incorporated into these Booking Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should not purchase the travel insurance product.

b) We recommend that you take out suitable travel insurance to cover (as a minimum) the costs incurred if you cancel your trip, the cost of emergency medical assistance, including repatriation, in the event of an accident or illness whilst you are abroad and it is your responsibility to ensure the insurance you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. It is your responsibility to comply with the insurance company’s requirements and your duty to disclose to the insurance company all relevant information e.g. pre-existing illnesses.

7.10 If something goes wrong

a) If a problem occurs whilst you are abroad, you must inform the relevant Supplier. If the Supplier cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you should contact us on +353 (0)1 4311 311 or faxing +353 (0)1 878 3099 so that we are given the opportunity to help. If your complaint is not resolved at the time, you must notify us at the earliest opportunity and write within 28 days of your return to our Customer Services Department: a quoting your original booking reference and giving all relevant information. Failure to notify us within this time period may hinder our ability to resolve your complaint and/or investigate it fully and, as a consequence, any right to compensation that you may have could be prejudiced.

b) Please note that this section does not apply to low cost flights. If a problem occurs with a low cost flight you should inform the airline as your contract is with the airline (as explained in paragraph 1.3 above).

c) The European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform is available at

7.11 Your behaviour

a) It is your responsibility to ensure that you and the members of your group do not behave in a way which is inappropriate or causes danger, distress, offence or damage to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness and air rage) whilst on your trip.

b) If, in our reasonable opinion or that of our Suppliers, your behaviour is inappropriate and causes danger, distress, offence, or damage to others, or risks damage to property belonging to others, we and/or our Suppliers (e.g. hotel managers, airline pilots) may take appropriate action in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers and their property and that of our Suppliers, including terminating your trip, in which case our and our Supplier's responsibility to you will cease immediately and you will not be eligible for any refunds, payments of compensation and/or any reimbursement of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result of such termination. Further, you will be liable to reimburse us for any expenses we incur necessarily as a result of such termination.

7.12 Our liability for your trip

a) Own performance. As a careful business, ebookers is responsible for:

i) preparation of the trip;

ii) careful selection and monitoring of Suppliers;

iii) accuracy of description of travel offerings displayed on the website (insofar as ebookers have not reported a change in the specifications before concluding the contract or where such changes are agreed with the customer after the contract is concluded). ebookers is not responsible for information not published by us, including information published in local, hotel or other brochures;

iv) implementation of the travel contract.

b) Work for and by third parties. Unless required by The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 or other mandatory legal requirements, ebookers is not responsible for shortcomings in arrangements brokered by parties other than ebookers.

c) Claims based on implementation of the trip not being in accordance with the contract should be submitted in accordance with our complaints procedure as specified in paragraph 7.10 above.

7.13 Important notices on limits of liability

a) Contractual limitation of liability. ebookers does not limit its liability for (i) loss caused by its fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation (ii) loss arising from death or personal injury caused by its negligence; or (iii) any other loss that may not be excluded or limited by applicable law. Otherwise ebookers shall be liable only for losses which arise directly: (a) from its breach of a legal duty of care; or (b) are a result of its breach of these Terms and Conditions, and that liability is at all times limited to a sum equivalent to three times the cost of the relevant travel product.

b) Limitation of third party liability. Claims against ebookers for compensation are limited or excluded insofar as international treaties or other legal regulations that limit or exclude liability apply to the arrangements to be provided. Liability for air transport is governed by the applicable stipulations of international treaties including Warsaw, Montreal and The Hague Convention. These treaties limit the liability of the air carriers for death or causing physical injury (in respect of non-EU airlines only) as well as for the loss of or damage to baggage. Liability in the case of carriage by ship is also governed by the relevant legal or treaty stipulations. Please click here to read these conventions which are incorporated into these terms and conditions.

c) You agree that the operating carrier or transport company's own "Conditions of Carriage" will apply to you on that journey. When arranging this transportation for you, we rely on the terms and conditions and limits of liability contained within these international conventions and those "Conditions of Carriage". You acknowledge that all of the terms and conditions contained in those "Conditions of Carriage" form part of your contract with us as well as the transport company and that those "Conditions of Carriage" shall be deemed to be included by reference into your contract. These Conditions of Carriage are available on our website within the booking path. In addition, you can ask for copies of these international conventions or the "Conditions of Carriage" of the applicable operating carrier from our offices at ebookers, First Floor, Block 6/7, Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1. Copies of the "Conditions of Carriage" of the applicable operating carrier are also available on the website of the relevant carrier.

7.14 Cruise holidays and Essentials

When you book cruise holidays or products or services through the Essentials tab, you will be leaving the ebookers website and will be directed to a Suppliers’ website. The sale of such products or services will be governed by that third party’s respective terms and conditions. We are not responsible for the content of such website and have no liability in respect of the products or services you purchase from that third party.

7.15 Events beyond our control

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions we regret that we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances beyond our control as described in paragraph 1 above.

7.16 Privacy policy

For details of how we may use information which we obtain from you by your use of the site, please refer to our privacy policy on our website which forms part of the contract under which we provide you with travel services. If you do not accept all of these terms, then please do not use this website. You must keep secure any means of identification which we supply to you in order to use services on this site. You must supply accurate and complete information when using this site.

7.17 Telephone calls

We reserve the right to record telephone calls to ensure that our customer service is constantly reviewed.

7.18 Changes to terms and conditions

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If we do amend these terms and conditions, the amended terms will be effective when posted on this website and you are deemed to have accepted the relevant changes.

7.19 Governing law

a) These booking terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland and the courts of Ireland shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute which arises thereto.

b) Additionally your travel service may also be subject to local laws, customs and sensitivities, which may change from time to time.


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