Santa’s Journey Around the World

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The countdown is now on all over the world. All of the preparations are in place. Santa and his elves have been busy preparing for his launch on December 24th!

Early on the 24th, Santa will be departing his depot at the North Pole to begin his 33-hour journey, delivering presents to children all over the world.

The man himself will be well-rested in preparation for his yearly epic journey around the globe, though no doubt he’ll be in need of a quick pit-stop on each of the continents.

Here, we have chosen the rumoured pit-stops of choice for him.

It’s expected that Santa will have presents for about 1.5 billion children around the world, and that he will begin his journey around Earth by travelling to New Zealand, where the time is thirteen hours ahead of Ireland and the UK and where children will already be asleep for a few hours.

From there he will travel to Australia, and then north towards Asia, taking in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan. 

It’s rumoured that Santa will make his first pit-stop at South-East Asia’s tallest hotel, Swissotel the Stamford in Singapore, complete with its own helipad for his sleigh and reindeer to land with ease. The Stamford offers panoramic views of Singapore, Indonesia and parts of Malaysia with luxurious facilities offering Santa a brief respite on his long journey.

From there, Santa will continue west into Burma, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, through all the “Stan’s” to Georgia, Azerbaijan and north throughout Russia.

Here, in Moscow, Santa will make his second pit-stop at the beautiful Hotel National. The hotel, built in the Moscow Modern style, displays a “classicised” eclecticism, combining varied ornamented décor motifs from late classicism. The hotel’s elegant and opulent ambience will provide Santa with a few moments of leisurely relaxation before he’s off again. 

Renewed and invigorated, Santa will take off on the next stretch, making his way south through Belarus and Ukraine all the way through to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Yemen. From there, he’ll make his way down through the horn of Africa, dropping off his gifts as he goes. By the time he reaches South Africa, assuredly, he’ll be in need of refreshment. Stopping in the heart of South Africa’s most beautiful metropolis, Cape Town, at the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel and Spa, he’ll be provided the very best in luxury and comfort for his brief stay. 

Here he can put his feet up while taking in views of the iconic Table Mountain. 

Afterwards, his flight path will take him up into West Africa via Central Africa and north into Europe, covering the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Austria, and Poland through Germany then further north into Scandinavia before he eventually makes his way over to the UK and Ireland.

Taking a quick interval, Santa will rest at The Royal Horseguards Hotel in London. Built in 1884 in the style of a French Chateau, it is a stunning and charming setting to lodge in. Mixing 21st century decor with Victorian style, Santa should feel right at home here.

 No time to rest for too long though! The next stretch is making the expansive trip across the Atlantic to North America. Starting in Northern Canada and working his way down into the United States, he’ll visit each of the fifty states making his deliveries. Down through Central America and around the Caribbean, Santa will progress towards the end of his trip when he enters South America in Colombia. Dashing through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, he’ll make his final pit-stop when he stops over in Rio de Janeiro. Here he’ll take a quick rest at the Relais & Chateaux Hotel Santa Teresa, located in the charismatic cultural and historical part of Rio. The boutique hotel oozes charm and sophistication and with its tropical design will make for highly-needed relaxation before Santa begins the final leg of his journey.

To conclude his trip and make the final distribution of gifts, Santa will fly down through Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, just in time for dawn on Christmas Day!

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